“I feel so fortunate I was introduced to George.

It’s very rare you meet a health practitioner with a genuine

passion for helping people. I recommend him to everyone.

If you’re struggling with something, and the doctors aren’t helping,

he’s who you go to. He’s completely changed our lives.” – Sabeena

George is an acupuncturist, health coach and healthcare pioneer based in London.

“I am dedicated to your health and to lasting global health. This means managing and resolving symptoms, increasing quality of life and ultimately in optimising all vital functioning.

I understand, through my own life path and through treating others, that health for the long term is not about a magic pill, it is about a balanced lifestyle in all areas; it is about taking responsibility for our own health, for each other’s and the planet.

This is made easiest through creating environments, culture and infrastructure that foster well living.

I help you identify what is causing your problem, what you can do to manage or resolve it, and give acupuncture treatments to accelerate the process.

You in turn must accept only the best for yourself to help make this a reality, and to remove the idea of failure from your mind; there is only winning and learning.

I use a combination of ancient, tried and tested methods with leading edge modern natural science with a primary focus on effectiveness in my patients’ outcomes.

I am committed to balance, harmony and vitality, in body, in mind and in society. This is my passion and purpose, my whole focus.

My mission is to create and consolidate a global free healthcare system: ‘free medicine, for all people, all of the time, everywhere’.

Everything I do revolves around making this project a sustainable reality.”


George  is a fully qualified and insured member of the British Acupuncture Council. He grew up in London and was educated at Eton College. George is passionate about clean living, healthy and conscious food and an active lifestyle. He trained for 4 years at the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine, widely regarded as the leader in its field, qualifying in 2011. Being a dedicated student of Chinese medicine, George is equally a student of modern medicine and research, and has studied and practised many body, mind and energy therapies such as anatomy and physiology, psychology, massage, hypnotherapy, feng shui, nutrition, mindset coaching and reiki.

He trained one-to-one extensively with John Tindall, a world renowned acupuncturist who set up the first and only fulltime NHS referral clinic – ‘The Gateway Clinic’ – and who pioneered the use of ear acupuncture in the UK for addiction, weight loss and stress release. From his work with John, George has healthy experience in the treatment of addiction and liver disease, particularly with Hepatitis C.

With a history of heart problems in his family, George has a strong interest in cardiovascular vitality. He trained extensively with Robert Doane, who runs the busiest acupuncture clinic in the US. In George’s paternal ancestry there is a history of inherited heart disease that triggers in late 20s to early 30s, with a history of stroke and death by their late 50s and early 60s.

This condition hasn’t developed in George, his sister, his son and her daughters. Modern research suggests this would largely be thanks to changes in diet and lifestyle. With abundant evidence in recent years that our genetics are affected by epigenetics (diet, lifestyle and environment), George attributes this improved heart health in his family to a heart-healthier lifestyle.

Since a young child into his late twenties, George suffered from eczema and allergies. Through the years, getting more and more of a handle on how to naturally passify the symptoms, he was able to resolve the eczema completely and has helped many others with skin conditions and digestive issues do the same.

He is also passionate about and experienced in the management or reversal of the other chronic diseases that are the biggest killers in the world today – cancer, obesity and diabetes (types I and II). George works with many cancer patients with diagnoses of cancer at all stages 1, 2, 3 and 4 and his patients have a higher than average success rate of entering remission first time (just under 90% of those with stage 3 and stage 4 since the beginning of 2020).

For musculoskeletal problems and sports injuries, George works closely with osteopaths, physiotherapists, masseurs, nutritionists, GPs and other specialists to ensure that both professional and amateur athletes can cope with the physical intensity of their work in peak condition.

George has immersed himself in traditional shamanic healing practices and tribal culture, particularly from the Amazon for over 10 years. He maintains a firm interest in biological toxicology, particularly in the traditional use of venoms and poisons as potent natural medicines (particularly from frogs, scorpions, snakes, bees and nettles).

George has many years palliative care experience working with terminally ill people and their families; in accepting the process of the body winding down and for guiding a balanced and accepting transition.

George currently lives in Dulwich, Southeast London with his son. In his free time he studies Daoism, sacred geometry and the underlying architecture of the human body. He enjoys the internal arts (qigong and taichi), martial arts, hiking, mountaineering, cycling, skiing, squash, endurance events and immersion in nature.