Appointments – What treatment with George involves

The basics

Chinese medicine works by stimulating your homeostasis, the mechanism that maintains life.

We offer strong, drug free and effective natural medicine that is specifically designed to get your body and mind into a high functioning state so it can take care of itself.

Our purpose is to help you reach a state of exceptional health and vitality as fast and efficiently as possible, just like acupuncture was designed to do in antiquity – to ensure the emperor’s longevity and vitality. We want you to experience first hand the great rewards of natural medicine and healthy living and that you may spread the word to others so that they too can reap the benefits.

Acupuncture and structural treatments are very powerful and can improve and resolve pain and illness quickly and very effectively. Diet and lifestyle improvements help those improvements become permanent.

Adopt a mindset of success; there is no failure, either you’re winning or you’re learning.


Acupuncture is a system of healthcare that has been around for thousands of years in China and throughout the East. It is a powerful medicine in its own right and a natural complement to other forms of medicine.

Robust scientific research backs up what many people have known for years – acupuncture is a natural and highly effective treatment. Just as acupuncture and other traditional Chinese medicines have continued to be popular for millennia, they continue to be today in both the East and the West alongside drugs, surgery and other modern approaches. Nothing has diminished their value.

Acupuncture involves the insertion of fine, sterile, single use disposable needles (a fifth of a millimetre in diameter) being inserted into specific pressure points around the body in order to restore health. The greater the state of balance, the better the body can heal itself from illness and injury and build strength, resilience and immunity.

Diagnosis is by examining your daily health, your health history, current conditions such as your mobility, sleep, emotions, diet, pain levels and passion for your work.

In Chinese medical theory, for balance and well-being, there should be a free flow of blood and qi (pronounced “chee” and implies breath, oxygen, energy levels, movement, vitality) throughout all parts of the body. Health is impaired when the flow develops blockages and weaknesses, causing pain, stress and illness. Acupuncture works by restoring this free flow, stimulating a strong response in the brain and nervous system, so the body can repair as it is designed to do. George applies his principle of Cleaning and Strengthening to regulate the flow of nutritious and well-oxygenated blood throughout the body.

With health and flexibility in body and mind, you can live life naturally and gracefully.

As well as acupuncture, dietary and lifestyle advice may be offered so that you can achieve lasting results. To support acupuncture, George also uses Tui Na medical massage, moxibustion (the burning of herbs to stimulate healing) and cupping therapy (to bring fresh blood into the muscles and release tension and toxicity).

George trained in both the classical Five Element Constitutional Acupuncture and symptom-oriented TCM Acupuncture styles but draws on several other styles depending on the issue at hand. George studied extensively with John Tindall, uses distal needling techniques for immediate pain relief – studying under Robert Doane, Balance Method of the late Dr Richard Tan and Master Tung’s family acupuncture system. These are some of the most effective styles worldwide.

George continually develops his interest and skill in medical acupuncture – the style that has recently developed in the West through the medical understanding of physiology we have here – relating to such ideas as the stimulation of nerves within muscles to relieve pain and inflammation.

Needle-less treatment

George also offers a Structural Alignment treatment, a non-invasive, light touch readjustment of your structure to release tensions and improve physical and mental function. Please let us know if you’d prefer this treatment.

Best acupuncturist in London

George’s main areas of expertise are:

Chronic disease and difficult to treat conditions:

  • heart disease, stroke, cardiovascular disease
  • cancer and post-operative healthcare
  • auto immune disease
  • diabetes
  • skin conditions

Chronic pain:

  • instant pain relief
  • headaches and migraines
  • musculoskeletal problems and sports injuries
  • back pain and shoulder tension

Chronic stress:

  • emotional and mental health
  • anxiety and depression
  • overcoming addiction
  • weight loss