Bian Que
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VIP Natural healthcare
VIP Natural healthcare
VIP Natural healthcare

The Emperor’s Medicine

I offer a premium VIP service to a few select clients who are looking for exceptional natural healthcare management. Particularly popular with

  • high net worth individuals
  • executives
  • adventurers and explorers
  • professional athletes

who want to restore and maintain balance, harmony and outrageous vitality in a demanding daily schedule. 

Apply by email or give me a call directly.

We will take on the care of your symptoms, discomfort, pain and stress and optimise your performance, arranging everything for you so you can keep your focus unbroken on achieving great things. 

Through at-home or at-work acupuncture treatment coupled with diet and lifestyle management, we balance out your life for you.  

We will analyse and improve daily habits such as

  • breathing patterns
  • diet and addictive patterns and substances
  • emotional stability, relationships and mental health
  • the balance of exercise and rest, and the best types of each for you
  • connection to nature and sunlight
  • passion, purpose, finances and focus
  • celebrations and gratitude

If you are too far away for in-person acupuncture treatment, we can still help you address imbalances in your daily routines online and by phone.

This diagnosis and treatment of how your daily habits and relationships are effecting on your health, happiness and satisfaction in life is key to longevity and prosperity. Then we will design together a new, integrated schedule to optimise your health in the most pleasing, time and energy efficient way. My team and I take care of your health needs and desires to make this process as easy, smooth and rewarding as possible. 

I may recommend a dietary plan for your overall health, training or weight loss and you have the option to have your meals for the week delivered to you by a professional chef specialising in health or sports nutrition. 

Ultimately the Premium service is designed to make you feel great in body and mind, staying pain free and in control of your emotions and most importantly, achieving your high potential in all aspects of life.

Apply by email or give me a call directly.

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine was for the common people, but the Emperor was always the key figure funding medical developments. As such it has long been considered the Emperor’s Medicine. The high ranking and influential physician to the Emperor was tasked with all aspects of the Emperor’s health. Bian Que (in the top picture, who died in 310BC) is famed as an exceptional physician who successfully preserved the health of many in the Emperor’s entourage.