Due to popular demand, I am now teaching workshops in balancing emotions according to the Chinese 5 Elements system. Talking in treatment about how to neutralise our negative emotions really touches patients in a deep way and they report a dramatic change in their energy levels and optimism when putting the theory into practice, just as I did when I first learned the system.

If you are interested in learning how to become the master of your emotions in an hour and a half, and you’re free on Sunday 11th November at 11am (suffice to say that is 11/11 at 11am, if you experience of the 11.11 phenomenon, you’ll not want to miss this).

The workshop is very cheap at £30, half the price of your first acupuncture treatment, and until the 1st November, you can book for the early bird, enormous value at the price of £20.

Please call the Vale Practice to book your place as there are only a few spaces left – 020 8299 9798 or info@thevalepractice.co.uk
emotional balance

Master Your Emotions