As an acupuncturist in Dulwich, I am glad to see a large number of patients experiencing the local benefits of natural medicine for fertility and childbirth around Southwark, South-East London.fertility

One of the most delicate experiences in life is the process of childbirth, and acupuncture is particularly well known for being a highly effective, natural medicine for fertility, and to relieve the aches and pains of pregnancy and postnatal recovery.

Acupuncture’s greatest strength lies in helping the body find a greater degree of balance so that it can self regulate more efficiently. Chinese medical theory emphasises that health is maintained by the free flow of blood and energy throughout the body. Injury, sickness and pain result from blockages and deficiencies to that free flow. Acupuncture stimulates natural pressure points on the body to help the body regulate this flow, as well as looking at how diet and lifestyle factors may be improved.

Acupuncture has a great track record with fertility treatment, helping many couples get pregnant without IVF, as well as greatly boosting IVF success rates (between 60-70% according to the Kite Clinic).

In pregnancy, the mother undergoes remarkable changes to adapt to growing a whole new life inside of herself, with the foetus taking precedence in receiving what it needs to develop healthily. This time is important not only for the development of the foetus, but in the longer-term health of the mother.

fertilityAcupuncture treatment can relieve morning sickness, fatigue, stress and constipation that often arise in the first trimester; headaches, heartburn and pelvic pain in the second trimester; and water retention, sleep disturbance and lower back pain in the third trimester. Research has shown hospital induction to be 35-43% less likely after acupuncture during pregnancy, as well as a 31% reduction in women needing an epidural (Debra Betts).

Furthermore, from turning breech babies to being induced naturally to post natal recovery from depression, stretch marks, blood loss and exhaustion, acupuncture is a comprehensive healthcare solution that supports families through the miraculous process of creating and nurturing new life.