Choose from one of our following “Make It Easy’ packages if you or your child –

  • want to resolve it rather than just manage it
  • get irritated and embarrassed by your skin
  • are disillusioned with corticosteroid creams and emollients
  • are prepared to take responsibility for your skin’s health
  • are prepared to test how your diet and lifestyle is affecting your skin
  • are committed to clear skin
  • are ready for effective, lasting change

N.B. For urticaria (hives) and contact dermatitis a different approach is needed. Please contact me directly.

Great Skin Health Naturally

Almost everyone can achieve great skin health naturally. Most of us have experienced a skin problem at least once. Some babies are born with eczema, most teenagers develop spots or acne. This is not what nature intended. It should not be considered normal or acceptable. It’s an imbalance. It can affect us psychologically, causing irritation, stress, embarrassment, shyness, depression and anxiety.

Raw, itchy, red, bleeding or weeping skin is a sign of internal imbalance triggered by the things we do on a daily basis. That means we can cure what ails us with some changes to the way we operate day by day. I will show you how.

Homeostasis (the self balancing, self regulating mechanism of the body) is designed to keep us alive and healthy. Nourish your homeostasis in the right way and your imbalance will resolve. My process is simple: clean and strengthen – the digestion and the skin. Remove what is poisoning and weakening, adopt what is cleaning and strengthening.

Do you want a strategic action plan you and your family can apply immediately to restore clear and healthy skin? The ‘Make It Easy’ packages give you my years of experience personally and in clinic to give you results fast.

Discover the various triggers for poor skin and revitalised skin. Learn which natural plants and foods I recommend to rejuvenate your gut health and your skin. Other problems such as autoimmune diseases, digestive issues, migraines, low energy levels, emotional and mental health all often improve dramatically in the process.

Imagine feeling clean in your skin and your body, completely free of your skin complaints with the knowledge of exactly what damages the skin and what keeps it clear. Imagine having moved onto the next phase of life, having learned this lesson once and for all. Imagine how it feels to have finally conquered this irritating condition. I’ve done it, I’ve coached many others to do it, now you can too.


This is not for everyone. I will guide you to make changes in diet. Total exclusion of the dietary triggers that cause skin problems may be a big shift from your regular routine. It will take determination and commitment. If you are someone who knows they are ready to pursue this with enthusiasm, then this is for you.

I’m sure I can really help you improve your skin health. I’ve provided the method for you, it’s up to you to deliver the results.

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