Family Acupuncture

George offers a mobile service for treatment in the comfort of your home or business, hospital or hospice in and around London.

Popular with families to receive treatment together, bringing the attitude of health, healing, balance and harmony into the home and into family dynamics. Treatment at home is also popular post-surgery, when feeling too ill or in too much pain to travel, and to save time in a busy schedule. For hospital and hospice in-patients you can have additional holistic support to your healthcare.

When the family is treated together at home, similarly to multi-bed community clinics, a group mentally is established whereby everyone begins to understand that we all have imbalances, and it can be empowering and liberating to share the treatment experience with close family and that the effects of treatment are amplified when everyone is involved. The results from treatment are powerful, with dietary and lifestyle advice more readily followed.

Home treatments are popular with elderly patients who have trouble getting around, those in a lot of pain or off sick from work, high flyers and for my well-known clients.

There is a surcharge on acupuncture home visits to cover travel time, with local call-out fee from £15 depending on location. Please get in contact to get an exact fee for your location.