Conditioning Course : maintaining healthy function of the organs and connective tissue, stabilising the core and building muscle.

A brief overview of this Full Body Conditioning Course is given below:

4 Pillars Qigong Video Preview

  • The Four Pillars : Secure the core

The most important of all are the 4 Pillars, which improve all health conditions and can be practised for a couple of minutes or preferably around 10-12 minutes daily.

    1. YinYang Breathing – quieten the mind, enliven the body
    2. Standing Practice – core stability, structural integrity
    3. Longevity Squats – rebuild the body, nourish the organs
    4. Spinal Twists – loosen and mobilise the spine and nervous system
  • Shaolin Stretching : Mobilise the limbs

Hard style qigong to work the sinews, loosen the connective tissue, lubricate the joints and stimulate the nerves.

Do this for:

chronic pain, injuries, stiffness, sedentary lifestyle.

  • Organ Washing (Qi Lifting) : Cleanse the bodyorgan-washing

Organ washing is the same as Advanced Reverse Breathing.

It is a method from the Shaolin tradition to clean through the organs, oxygenate and strengthen the blood, strengthen the back of the body and connect with the earth.

  • Seated Qigong : Nourish the nerves

Qigong is often thought of as an activity that we do standing up. However, all exercises can be adapted, making it easier for those who are not able to stand, or are unable to for long periods of time.

Stretching through the upper body tissues is an excellent way to support clarity of mind, good brain and neurological function, conditioning of the neck, upper back and shoulders, regular torsion along the spine to maintain good flexibility.

The nerves in the fascia (connective tissue) around your muscles, joints and organs are enlivened when we stretch, promoting efficient blood flow and hormonal balance.

  • Push up, Squat, Leg Raise Challenge – Rating Hard

Pump the muscles.

Work the heart and lungs.

Move blood.