So one thing at which I’ve not been brilliant in the past is asking patients for referrals. Well that is all about to change.
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Word of mouth marketing

The best marketing for therapists, as with so many professions, particularly of those who run small businesses, is “word of mouth”. And I realised I am not making the best use of this greatest of practice-building approaches. Looking at the way word of mouth marketing works, it becomes obvious that the more people there are who recommend you to others, the better the effect will be.

If less than all of your customers/clients/patients know how valuable word of mouth marketing is to you, and is not aware of any incentives you offer for referrals, you cannot be making the best use of word of mouth marketing, right?

So please spread the word! Share my website or this post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and any social network you use. Any time you hear a friend or family member, colleague or enemy complain about pain or illness, lack of motivation or emotional imbalance, how about suggesting coming for acupuncture? And in return for any new patients you send me I’ll happily give you £20 off your next treatment. This way everybody wins. Consider it a way of buying you a nice meal in a restaurant!