acupuncture for weight loss

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New research shows again how effective acupuncture can be for weight loss, with a study conducted on obese women, some of whom were experiencing peri-menopausal symptoms. It proved to be far more effective than sham, placebo and no acupuncture.
Whilst acupuncture has been proven effective in weight loss research for years, it is best accompanied by a dedicated fitness and dietary plan. Then acupuncture can help speed up your results as well as both strengthening your willpower and fine tuning your internal balance. There are several other ways in which acupuncture can help you lose weight:

Firstly, the digestive system (including the distribution of nutrients throughout the body) can become sluggish from –

  • emotional stress (any digestive problem is generally diagnosed as IBS),
  • poor diet,
  • a lack of adequate exercise;

which can lead, in the Chinese medical view, to Damp forming in the body. Dampness makes things swell and inhibits free movement in the body, and with the digestive system impaired, over time this becomes more and more pronounced and difficult to shift. Acupuncture can help resolve this Dampness and then supercharge the digestion.

Secondly, the Kidneys and the Bladder regulate water levels in the body. Specifically, when the Yang of the Kidneys is weak, the body often retains too much water, which is called oedema. It is often seen at the ankles in particular. By stimulating the Kidneys and the Bladder with acupuncture, oedema can usually be resolved without much effort.

weight loss acupunctureThirdly, by helping fine tune the harmony between internal organs and processes, acupuncture can really help amplify and improve your weight loss results.

Lastly, willpower is very much understood to be another asset of the Kidneys, and can also be stimulated with acupuncture. This way you can reduce cravings for sugary and processed foods and stay extra motivated on your fitness goals for days longer.