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Welcome to the Vitality Meditations


This is a set of Daoist Meditations to give you control of your emotions, mind and body with 10 minute guided meditations to take the effort and discomfort out of meditation. Gain mastery of your response to life by practising good breathwork, profound grounding, neural stimulation, the movement of internal forces and by integrating theories of balance and harmony. Clean and strengthen, clean and strengthen, clean and strengthen.

I’m George Monkhouse, an acupuncturist and natural health expert. I’ve run 2 successful clinics in London for over 10 years, and given over 12,000 treatments for many athletes and people with chronic health conditions. I’m deeply passionate about improving global health.

I’ve also spent the last 20 years practising traditional Chinese self care and development techniques including meditation, qigong (chi kung), tai chi chuan, martial arts and spirituality. I’ve needed to adapt these traditional methods for students to fit in with our fast-paced, busy lifestyle so my patients and students can learn to look after themselves well.

Qigong and martial arts

VIP Natural healthcare

With unwanted emotions such as anxiety, depression, stress and frustration at very high levels, there has never been more need to educate ourselves in effective self care. The thing is, there have been effective strategies to reduce them and gain mastery over your internal state for millennia. This is not a new problem nor are these new solutions – they have been tried and tested for generations.

Now meditation is not a new concept for people, but it can be difficult for people to practise regularly and enjoy. That’s why we make it easy for you.

Daoism is the Chinese philosophy of nature. The dao is translated as the path or way, but really it has no translation as it also means everything. Sort of like the concept of God but it is not a benevolent being, it simply is and it isn’t. The idea is that if you follow the dao you become the master of your life, living your days in balance and harmony. Confusing though right? So how to achieve this?

Let me break it down for you: there is the normal person and the natural person – the normal person is thrown about by changing circumstances, causing pain and discomfort when things don’t go their way. The natural person has restored the calm functioning of the mind that has no right way. The way is dictated by the flow of things – the dao. Imagine not minding, not blaming, not being the victim – when you get a serious health diagnosis, when someone dies or a relationship ends, when serious injustice has been done.

It is not that you lose control of the flow of your life, it is not that you stop caring, it is more that you accept the flow of life without resistance, and that when you do, it works in your favour to bring a continual state of peace, acceptance and compassion for all things within and without.

You don’t get rid of anxiety or stress, but they take their proper place in the emotional spectrum, so they inform you of how you want to experience next. Animals naturally feel hunger when the body wants food and fear when there is a threat. These are useful and helpful, getting rid of them is not.

The path from normal to natural person is a step by step process, as is the nature of paths. Let us guide you along that path with a series of traditional practices that teach you to help yourself better for the rest of your life.

Try out the samples below and sign up straight after. You won’t regret learning these great and ancient life optimisers.

These meditations are powerful.

Take at least 10 minutes every day to practise (each recording is 10 minutes long) and a few more minutes per week to read these notes.

The meditations:

1. In the beauty of nature (sample below) – sensory stimulation

2. Just sit – be disciplined in not doing

3. YinYang Breathing – enjoy perfect balance

4. Standing – a stable core builds physical and mental calm and authority

5. Wuji – no mind

6. Dantien – your inner storehouses

7. Cosmic Orbit – moving hydraulic force

8. Dantien Cosmic Orbit – combine mental, emotional and physical balancing

9. Balance Harmony Vitality – the true nature of all things

10. Mountain & River (sample below) – harness the powers of strengthening and cleaning

11. Abundance of Health and Wealth – appreciating the reality of our wellness

12. Purity->Perfection – the most clean and pristine

Try two samples below: