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“George is a master of acupuncture! To me he is the only acupuncturist who can always help me. I so regret I cannot regularly visit him. I live in another country and I have tried several times to find an acupuncturist here, but it has never been nearly as effective. In my case it matters a lot that he can be so precise with the pulse diagnosis and always knows what’s going on with me. What he can read from just the pulse seems almost like magic :-) I highly recommend him for whatever problem you have.”

“I went to George suffering from a variety of aches and pains that had been holding me back for years. His ability to read and tend to bodies is exceptional and he is clearly a master of his field. I am now virtually pain free and have enjoyed learning about Traditional Chinese medicine, Daoism, and overall health and vitality in the process. Thank you!”

“George is super knowledgeable and it’s unbelievable how well he can read the body. Feeling great after a course of intensive treatment and management sessions. Highly recommend!”

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“George is a genuine expert in his field. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him to anyone and everyone, as he will undoubtedly be able to help you with whatever issue you have. He is extremely skilled and professional and makes you feel at ease and comfortable during the treatments. The best piece of advice I can give is to stop searching on google and book George now!”

I first visited George in a state of utter despair. Locked into a migraine cycle caused by chronic, work-related stress, I was in acute pain on a daily basis, not eating properly and unable to work. I was in a very dark place and had no idea how to get out. The sensitivity and quality of his treatment is second to none and he also gave me the tools to regain control of my emotions. George is an exceptionally talented acupuncturist, an absolute professional and I am so relieved to have discovered him at such a bleak time. My only advice would be, don’t wait until crisis point to seek treatment; you could save yourself a considerable amount of pain and anguish.

“Up until the point that I met George, I was living with an ankle injury that I thought was impossible to get rid of. It had not just stopped me training; it was becoming more and more tricky to walk without hobbling (especially in the mornings). Thanks to George’s work, I am now back to running and my ankle has made great recovery. George has also worked with me on grief and has helped me enormously overcome a personal journey. I can’t recommend him enough.”

“George has an amazing talent. He not only listens to you but his pulse diagnostic readings are incredibly accurate, like I have never experienced before. I am totally at ease during my sessions, which was something I always battled with in the past. I know I will leave feeling positive and pain free.”

“I went to see George for migraines and stress two year ago. After a few months of treatment, the migraines disappeared. I kept going for sessions to reduce complaints in my neck and back. Since I moved, I have had 2 other clinics and have not had the same experience. I recommend George often to friends and would recommend him highly to others.”

“I have been visiting George for the last few months to treat some heart arrhythmia I was suffering from. The treatments have been incredibly successful. George has fantastic knowledge and skill in not how he treats but why he treats a certain symptom. His advice has been well informed and successful, along with the treatments. I would highly recommend George to anyone and I plan to have regular appointments as part of my own health routine. The pulse diagnosis that George performs is one of the most incredible skills I have come across, a total insight into the body!”

“One year ago yesterday, I was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer which had spread to lymph nodes. My life felt in total chaos. I was terrified, anxious and completely devastated. I went to see George, who immediately picked me up with his very positive view on all things that happen in life. He gave me something I had lost…Hope. Here I am literally one year away from that dreadful day and two scans show I am cancer free with no spread. George was paramount to my healing. He was always upbeat, happy, caring, kind, compassionate…each visit to him was a reset button from desperation back to hope. My family and friends would always ask me when I would next see George because they too noticed the change in me after a visit. He treated every symptom… I had a grade 3 toxic reaction to the chemo, George treated it. I had excruciating pain from the radiotherapy, once again, George treated it. He was with me every single step of the way. He is an outstanding human being and beyond doubt a fantastic practitioner who lives his words and sets a fine example of holistic life. I am eternally grateful to him for all of his efforts and care and I would recommend him to anyone who needs help. Thank you George, you are ‘The Man'”

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