What Should You Be Eating When You’re Pregnant?

[Guest post by freelancer Jane Sandalwood] Your baby’s health depends largely on what you eat during pregnancy, which is why expecting women should pay particular attention to the foods they consume. Pregnant women need more vitamins and minerals, such as folate and calcium, and some foods should be avoided. Pregnant women also need to monitor [...]

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Our Contract with Heaven

A brief note on the nature of 'ming' and 'xing' and the importance of "nourishing our destiny". In ancient Chinese theory, we have curative medicine to fix what is wrong, preventive medicine to stop what is wrong from occurring, and a third form, which is not well understand in modern medicine - optimisation medicine, which [...]

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3 tips for alleviating chronic pain

What can be done to get the upper hand on repeated discomfort? I treat a lot of people with chronic pain, and it's a symptom close to my heart as making a change to chronic pain can have a huge impact in someone's life. So I thought it would be handy to pass on [...]

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Tough Mudder Massages

Tough Mudder runs 10-12 mile muddy obstacle course events throughout the world with the tagline "Probably the toughest event on the planet". These events have exploded onto the UK scene in the last couple of years, with between 12,000 and 18,000 participants per weekend, and between 5,000 and 9,000 spectators. There have already been over [...]

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Anxiety – Case History

Patient A comes for acupuncture to help deal with anxiety and panic attacks. He also reports a strong feeling of insecurity and tension. Upon further questioning he reveals he wakes once to twice in the night, with anxiety and palpitations coming and going randomly, but particularly lying in bed. He describes himself as a "hot [...]

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Healthy heart with acupuncture

The Cardiovascular or Circulatory System Heart disease is one of the biggest medical concerns in the world today, and there is much positive research on how, what and whether acupuncture can help. According to the British Heart Foundation (BHF), in 2010 (their most recent reliable published figures) cardiovascular disease was the biggest killer [...]

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Insomnia and pain – acupuncture success for Toyah Willcox

Toyah Willcox Insomnia is an all pervasive nuisance. With Acupuncture Awareness Week shortly upon us in the UK (25th February until 3rd March), singer and actress Toyah Willcox has been talking about the great success she has had with acupuncture for insomnia, pain and improving all round well being for over 30 years. [...]

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Research indicates effectiveness of acupuncture for weight loss

inspiration, motivation, perspiration, New research shows again how effective acupuncture can be for weight loss, with a study conducted on obese women, some of whom were experiencing peri-menopausal symptoms. It proved to be far more effective than sham, placebo and no acupuncture. Whilst acupuncture has been proven effective in weight loss research for years, [...]

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Emotional Balance Workshops

Due to popular demand, I am now teaching workshops in balancing emotions according to the Chinese 5 Elements system. Talking in treatment about how to neutralise our negative emotions really touches patients in a deep way and they report a dramatic change in their energy levels and optimism when putting the theory into practice, just [...]

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Natural cold and flu fix

With autumn well under way, the common cold and flu spark back into life. Fear not! There is an easy, cheap, simple and most importantly natural remedy from the acupuncture box of tricks that can bring you relief of symptoms of sneezing, sinus congestion, a sore throat and even (though hopefully not) a raised temperature. [...]

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