Our Contract with Heaven

A brief note on the nature of 'ming' and 'xing' and the importance of "nourishing our destiny". In ancient Chinese theory, we have curative medicine to fix what is wrong, preventive medicine to stop what is wrong from occurring, and a third form, which is not well understand in modern medicine - optimisation medicine, which [...]

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Referrals reap benefits

So one thing at which I've not been brilliant in the past is asking patients for referrals. Well that is all about to change. The best marketing for therapists, as with so many professions, particularly of those who run small businesses, is "word of mouth". And I realised I am not making the [...]

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Fertility & pregnancy acupuncture

As an acupuncturist in Dulwich, I am glad to see a large number of patients experiencing the local benefits of natural medicine for fertility and childbirth around Southwark, South-East London. One of the most delicate experiences in life is the process of childbirth, and acupuncture is particularly well known for being a highly effective, natural [...]

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