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Here are some kind words from patients. If you received benefit from your treatment with George, please leave a testimonial by clicking here.

  • “George is a magician! I injured my back and wasn’t able to sit for too long without the muscles seizing, so I needed an appointment ASAP. He speedily responded to my email (on a Saturday) and booked me in for the very next day. He did everything in his power to remove my pain and did not give up! I’ve also had digestive issues for years now and he has significantly improved my symptoms. I always appreciate the relaxed vibe he creates and highly recommend George.” MN, actress
  • “George has a kind and gentle soul, his approach to his work is a good balance of  professionalism and empathy . He is very intuitive in finding hidden emotional and mental baggage that prevents ones well being.

    We searched high and low for the right person to treat my husband after a cancer diagnosis he got just before lockdown, George went out of his way so that my husband could receive treatment safely and hygienically, and even doubled up in treating me for the stress. We continue to receive integrated medicine from George combining it with the chemo to counteract the side effects, he has given us nutritional advise with a unique view to our  individual  health needs. 

    Receiving Accupunture from George was a therapeutic  experience, (despite the needles) We always left feeling like we’ve had a full body massage, calm and relaxed.  What George offered us, in what, at the time, felt like a desperate situation, was a sense of Calm confidence that we could overcome this. Today just 8 months since the diagnosis my husband is cancer free. I personally feel George contributed much to his recovery and in me to being a more calm and stable support to husband & my family. We now consider him our personal go to with any health concern. SA, mother

  • “With George’s help I was able to come off anti-anxiety medication after relying on it for several years. It’s obvious George is an expert in his field which showed during each session. I would 100% recommend George to friends and especially those who overlook acupuncture for modern medicine. Thanks George!” NS, civil servant
  • “I initially consulted with George to regain full health from bowel cancer. During the period of care George has provided excellent advice, dietary care and acupuncture treatments which has radically reduced the amount of pain and improved my lifestyle.” BR, retired
  • “I suffer from high blood pressure, and came to George to see if I could get off my meds safely. My first treatment he took my blood pressure at the start and after treatment: it went from 160/98 to 135/82 in one hour! Several weeks later I do not take any tablets now, take regular exercise and practise qigong, eat better, and use acupuncture to keep a handle on my blood pressure. Thank you George so much!” BP, teacher
  • “George is committed: honest, polite, organised; a good communicator who delivers excellent customer care on an individual basis. One of the secrets of George’s success is his ability to listen carefully to his patient and then provide the best treatment as a result of this analysis.” AC, CEO
  • “I consulted with George for plantar fasciitis and tight shoulders, originally to get ready for one of my last pro fights. I was surprised how quickly I noticed changes, he has a wonderful gift for releasing my blockages and tight spots, and explains during treatment what he is doing and how I can help the treatment along. It has also helped me relax and I have broken up my incessant training and teaching schedule to incorporate qigong and yoga.” DW, ex-professional athlete
  • “It took us 4 years and 3 rounds of IVF before trying acupuncture. George recommended trying acupuncture on its own initially without IVF, and although sceptical, I am now pregnant! And not working silly hours! And sleeping well! (And no coffee… mostly…)” IB, cinematographer
  • “I have suffered with a range of health problems for a few years with no diagnosis or treatment from my GP or various specialists. Since having acupuncture treatments with George I have had significant improvement in my symptoms and my over all well being. I would happily recommend him and the benefits of acupuncture.” AT, musician
  • “I have consulted George on various occasions over the last two years receiving acupuncture to help with pain relief for long term osteo-arthritis. Sciatica was treated successfully after only two sessions. Although the pain relief may take a few hours to take effect there is instant relaxation followed by a general feeling of well being that lasts for days. I would and do happily recommended George’s services.” MA, retired nurse
  • “I am writing to thank you for the acupuncture work you have been completing with my Mother who recently celebrated her 89th birthday. She was diagnosed as having entered the early stages of Parkinson’s disease in the summer of 2012 and her condition deteriorated during the following 4 months. As a frequent traveller on business I was unable to offer the support that was needed and your home consultations which started in Dec 2012 have not only been a massive help but have also been very successful.  My Mother had been very negative about her condition but in the last two months not only I, but she has commented on the fact that her condition has improved so much that she considers her walking to be virtually back to normal. Her energy levels have improved so much that on my last trip back to the UK in July  we spent most of the day at a National Trust location enjoying lunch, walks in the garden and sitting in the grounds. Her general outlook on life has turned a corner and she is very positive taking the opportunity to complete some light gardening work. Her previous shaky right hand is steady enough to write letters and notes and use an ipad to send mails and look at her favorite topic, ballet and dance on the internet., book seats and attend the Royal Opera House for some afternoon performances. I am very very pleased at the results … especially at a time when the  NHS consultants were keen to rely on a drug based plan which at best was there to treat the symptoms rather than tackle the underlying cause.” MB, chartered surveyor
  • “George is helping me deal with an Achilles injury sustained during training for an ironman triathlon due to take place in May. The acupuncture has improved the Achilles and reduced inflammation so that I have been able to start running again after a six week suspension.” CB, architect
  • “George came to my house promptly the day after I fell and landed on the steep steps outside my home. After the most painful experience of my life, shocked at the treatment from the hospital, I was sent home with crutches, hardly able to walk, with many injuries everywhere. Severe bruising, terrible hip, back and shoulder pain, very bad trauma to my neck. Back at home I could not sleep from the pain. The day after at the orthopaedic ward, I was again told nothing is broken except a toe, and given stronger pain relief, saying ‘see you in a month’. George was kind and professional – very important for me in pain and emotional shock. I have to say I was very scared about the needle; I am needle phobic despite being a midwife! After a few aauch! I was absolutely fine with the insertion of the acupuncture needles – George’s hand was light and firm. With knowledge, care, attention and respect, George came 3 times for treatment and I will never forget my body’s reaction to the needle in my body – shaking all over as the emotional trauma released, leaving me calm and I slept more than 5 hours that night. George gave me much appreciated general advice about my general energy and health. The day after, with such less pain, I was able to stand up and walk! After the 3rd treatment I was mostly pain free with no drugs and slowly walking with the only issue of my broken toe. I also got back my period after many months with no sign of it. I have had acupuncture a few times by other trained professionals, but I never found an effect so immediate on my physical body, and emotionally such a relief after a big trauma like that. Thank you George for your sensitive, respectful, knowledgeable, professional, trustworthy, accountable and affordable acupuncture treatment! I recommend George to everybody looking for an alternative or complementary successful care of any health problem. I will be grateful forever for your immediate understanding and support you gave me. George is the first reference for my children and me in order to balance our state of health.” BB, midwife
  • “George from start to finish was a true professional, showing great learning and kindness throughout my treatments. His sessions were powerful and healing”. NB
  • “2 years ago, I was referred to George after suffering from an autoimmune disorder called Vasculitis.  My body was ravaged by steroids,  other immunosuppressants, I was anaemic, and the vasculitis was still flaring up. I was exhausted. Within about 2 months of twice a week treatments, I was able to come off medication; and I finally saw glimmers of my old self again, with my energy and health returning.  I’m convinced that had I not had acupuncture from George, I might still be on immunosuppressants.  I have no hesitation in recommending George at all — but in particular, for people with autoimmune diseases, he has a great understanding and approach.” DD, charity director
  • “I have visited George for several treatments for pain relief of the mid-back and shoulder joints. George is professional and will explain specific needling points as well as offering further advice as to diet and improved posture technique. I have no hesitation in recommending George as an acupuncturist” CB
  • “Your biggest success with me was putting an end to my swollen ankles. This problem has not returned and my chest is much clearer (although of course this winter has also been much milder than last year)” AB, accountant
  • “I have been treated by George for over 4 years now, for all sorts of issues over the years, from insomnia to stomach problems. I have come to accept acupuncture as an alternative form of treatment to conventional medication generally supplied by GPs. I also receive acupuncture treatment for general well being from time to time, which helps to keep my energy levels in balance and my body healthy throughout the months. I recommend acupuncture to anyone because you will never know how good you will feel until you try it.” BB, Media
  • “George is an wonderful practitioner, both in terms of practical skills and his intuitive responses to patient needs. I have a chronic condition which effect many aspects of my life, but the main negative contributor to this condition is stress. It is thanks to George that I now find myself in a better space – while seeing George for my physical symptom he somehow managed to influence me on a much broader level, consequently I have radically change my lifestyle and my condition is now vastly improved.” CG, potter
  • “I initially visited George after suffering a miscarriage and for problems associated with endometriosis. As well as helping me enormously with these issues, he was able to help me with so much more! I was amazed to find that the hayfever I have persistently suffered with throughout the summer was miraculously relieved to the point where I no longer needed to take anti-histamines and can now enjoy sneeze-free cuddles with my cat! He is also a very good listener and has offered some wonderful advice and perspectives without ever coming across as telling you what to do. I really can’t recommend him highly enough.KA, PA
  • I just wanted to let you know that I am 6 weeks pregnant. Thank you for your help and for the excellent treatment. It only took three sessions! Obviously it’s early days, but hopefully all will go well. I will certainly contact you again if I or  my family need treatment.SL, housewife
  • “So my spine has been feeling strangely amazing since I last saw you.  Calm, like it is trying to forget.  I felt strangely energised after the blood cupping.  I know it was a sap of energy, but what it freed up in comparison has been great.  I am attempting to manage this flow, and not get over excited with my new found glorious power and do myself an injury!  There is movement anyway, something I am indulging in.  The work you have been doing has been making a real difference, in respects to pain, energy, and the emotional repercussions of this. ” TW, student
  • I first visited George in a state of utter despair. Locked into a migraine cycle caused by chronic, work-related stress, I was in acute pain on a daily basis, not eating properly and unable to work. I was in a very dark place and had no idea how to get out. The sensitivity and quality of his treatment is second to none and he also gave me the tools to regain control of my emotions. George is an exceptionally talented acupuncturist, an absolute professional and I am so relieved to have discovered him at such a bleak time. My only advice would be, don’t wait until crisis point to seek treatment; you could save yourself a considerable amount of pain and anguish.SW, former admin, now an artist
  • “I cannot recommend George Monkhouse enough. He is a true master in his field. I came to him with an ailment that I had been suffering with all my life that had hindered everything that I had ever done, and impacted on my life immensely in a negative way. When I went to George he listened to me with an open heart and knew exactly what treatment I needed. After the treatment I immediately felt my symptoms improve and ever since I have been free of my ailments and have led a life full of joy, and felt so lucky that we met. I am forever grateful to him. I feel so much love and gratitude every day now. Thank you from the bottom of my heart George. Wishing you all the best to you and all your patients who have yet to encounter such a wonderful practitioner. Heart felt regards!” AR, musician
  • “I’ve been meaning to write to you for such a long time. I hope you actually remember me but it was quite a while ago so I wouldn’t be surprised if you don’t! I just wanted to thank you for treating me. I came to you after suffering a miscarriage and really being in a bit of a mess. I really feel that you helped me enormously and I have now just celebrated my daughter’s first birthday. I think she is here and a beautiful, healthy little girl, in part to your treatment.” KA, mother
  • “I started receiving acupuncture after a serious accident to replace medication with a more holistic natural approach to pain relief … Since attending George sessions the healing process and the relief experienced improved instantly and his attitude approach to healing and the many diverse healing practices he confidently master allowed me to have a more decent and fluent life … Felling grateful to have the chance to receive such a beneficial influence … Namaste” AO, indigenous healer
  • “I was referred to G after being unsuccessful in overcoming the intense emotional trauma and psychological abuse left by a former partner. Traditional verbal psychotherapies were particularly unhelpful. G’s holistic approach to this problem has been largely beneficial, and has contributed significantly to healing the harm left by the past. Unsurprisingly, I would wholeheartedly recommend him.” AL, lawyer
  • “George is an extremely knowledgeable and generous teacher, who greatly helped me further my understanding of myself. His honest and kind nature makes learning from him a real pleasure. George has much practical as well as scholarly experience, and is someone I continually go back to for further learning.” – Nick Osipczak, UFC veteran, former professional mixed martial artist. Now Qigong, Tai Chi and meditation instructor in Watlington, near Oxford. Check out his website here.
  • “I suffer from osteo-arthritis in most joints and find most forms of exercise difficult. I was introduced to qigong approximately three years ago and almost instantly enjoyed positive benefits. I go to two different but similar classes by two different teachers but find George’s best suits my abilities.  The exercises are gentle and repetitive so it is surprising the effect they have on your body. By the end of class I have increased mobility which lasts for a few days.  Long term my muscle tone and balance have improved remarkably. I feel better and look better with people commenting that I have lost weight when it is just my improved posture.  Tuesdays are marked off as qigong evenings and it has to be something pretty important to make me miss a class.” – MA
  • “I also attend his Qigong sessions which are both enjoyable and grounding – George is an excellent teacher.” – CG


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