The outer reality is only your internal infrastructure displaying itself in a subconscious play for your consciousness to recognise its hidden aspects. Recognise the varying reference objects, the synchronicity between internal issues and people or situations that represent those internal aspects. You can ask any questions you way wish, and they will sound sensible to their audience, perhaps even progressive if the most appropriate questions are posed. Your subconscious vibrations have attracted similar vibratory specimen to you in order to show you your hidden self, just as you fulfil a certain criteria to reflect each other vibratory specimen’s subconscious. (It is of utmost importance to develop the preference of perspective of self-improvement in this technique, not the improvement of others. The basis being that each is his own most suitable teacher. What a person may recognise as a ‘fault’ or ‘utility’ of another person or situation is based upon their ‘knowledge’ of the other person. This is inadmissible, it is hearsay. The practitioner is to be an expert of his own self only, whose advice may or may not be available to those who show a desire for it or ask for it. Oppression of others and the forcing of one’s will on another, would only go on to become the further suppression of subconscious aspects of one’s own self that have entered the physical world in an effort to show their wound and be healed. The other person should be to the practitioner a reflection of an aspect or archetype of the practitioner’s own being – an issue suppressed from the conscious to the subconscious, normally so easily visible but unseen! By crystallising one’s being, by unifing oneself through not only conscious work but also subconscious work, understanding of our dream of the physical reality is achieved, the entangled energy of confusion, discontinuity and incompleteness.)

When you recognise a certain person or situation as relating to a specific issue within yourself, or perhaps a problem within a certain organ of your own body, ask them questions which may lead to information on how to alleviate the problem or to amplify a certain trait of yourself that you feel may well help you in your efforts. If you find yourself in conflict with others, ask yourself how this relates to your internal make-up. Pull the richness of advice forward from the outer world to help with the inner. So often is man’s re-action to shout down the personal opinion of another, when in reality he is only refusing an opportunity to grow and to heal. And so too, as the matrix of time will have it, you can help yourself squared by offering your own conscious richness to those people (those parts of your subconscious) whose consciousness may benefit from it. Your effort will, in effect, be to ‘work both sides of the canvass’ (the conscious and the subconscious – the unconscious is manipulated through different means): using your consciousness to affect your own life through the conscious face of the subconscious – the ‘outer’ dream, the material dream. This is the womblike dimension of outer/inner when encountered in the omnipresent perspective.

This is a magical and phenomenally powerful whole-being healing technique, a technique of unification and crystallisation of oneself, one’s surroundings and hidden aspects. It is when we take on the perspective that ‘me’ is not just consciousness, but also everything else – the sub- and unconscious. It works on a multi-dimensional continuum – made up of circular dimensions, with no separations, no beginnings or ends, and therefore works best in continuity: ‘everything together’ takes the place of both ‘me’ and ‘not me’, so that ‘all’ is carrying on continuously like a complex game, as opposed to ‘this effort hasn’t worked’ and ‘that effort has come to an end’, ‘why hasn’t it worked? I can’t take it anymore’. From this game-like perspective, such thoughts and feelings are merely thoughts and feelings within the overall totality (that is all you), they are just a small part of the ‘everything all together’. There is now no need to be led by these feelings and thoughts. They can be merely observed, and perhaps followed, but it is by conscious choice to act in a certain manner, not through prior experience or by prior choice. Thoughts and emotions can be treated just as you treat people in this way – characters within this game. This perspective is effectively using an objective perspective adopted on a subjective level, which suggests the expression “heaven on earth”.

This is the ancient Pharaonic Egyptian concept of the Anthropocosmos – man as the centre of the universe, the centre point where all the events and objects of creation are witnessed. The body is just the vehicle for expression and interaction for the witness, it is not what we are, we are the whole, and the bodymind is inescapably influenced by the whole. Understanding this and accepting this brings compassion for all things, as both the bodymind and what is beyond it benefits from total integration of all aspects.