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To manage and cure illness and injury is a saviour.

To prevent illness and injury is wisdom.

To optimise all vital functioning is maturity.

Homeostasis is the self regulatory, self balancing mechanism of your human organism and all life forms. Your daily habits either help or hinder this process. The more homeostasis can be refined, the more we can work on optimisation rather than cure.

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Available Workshops


Movement practices similar to Tai Chi Chuan and yoga for flexibility, fluidity and stability


Stillness and mindfulness practices for clarity, centring and peace in the Heart


Ancient and modern wisdom on how, what and when to eat and drink, depending on your symptoms, goals and needs. What and what not to put in or on your body, what or what not to put in your mind and how best to eliminate and detox. Healthy recipes, cooking classes and meal plans.

Emotional mastery

Each feeling and relationship dictates your quality of life. Ancient wisdom to balance and harmonise yourself in any situation.


Classical Daoist theory, ancient Chinese symbolism and sacred geometry, alchemical practices


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