acupuncture for back painZhuangzi is a famous Chinese Daoist who lived 369-286 B.C. who was a wide-read minor official from the town of Meng in the state of Song during the Warring States Period, who was an adherent of Lao Zi’s teachings of the Daodejing (Tao Te Ching), and his writings principally were focused on elucidating and expanding on the Daodejing.

The following is from the second chapter of the book titled with his name;

“Once, one night, I was a butterfly flitting about contented with its lot. Then I woke up as Zhuangzi. Who am I in reality? A butterfly who dreams he is Zhuangzi, or Zhuangzi who dreamt he was a butterfly? In my case, are there two individuals? Has there been a real transformation of one individual into another? Neither one nor the other, there have been two unreal modifications of the unique being, the universal norm, in which all beings in  all their states are one.”