“His ability to read and tend to bodies is exceptional and he is clearly a master of his field.”
“Undoubtedly the most accurate healer I’ve encountered in my 20 years as a patient.”
“I don’t even know where to start. George is a genius. Don’t even think twice to book.”

George Monkhouse LicAc MBAcC is a world leading pulse diagnosis specialist, acupuncturist, natural health expert and healthcare pioneer based in London. With a preference for effective natural medicine, he specialises in chronic illness, rapid pain relief, stress management and optimising all vital functioning. He has acupuncture patients from around London and the UK looking for the best natural healthcare around. George works from his private practice in East Dulwich and runs his low cost community acupuncture business in Camberwell, expanding clinics throughout London.

He treats many patients with ‘difficult to treat’ chronic conditions. He works with professional athletes, fighters and yogis to keep them in peak condition. Many of our reviews give evidence that many of his patients see George as one of London’s best acupuncturists.

George teaches the Chinese tradition of ‘Yang Sheng’ or ‘Nourishing Life’, the art and science of using your daily habits as your principle medicine, based in East Dulwich. Acupuncture is an accelerator to better health, but the real trick is in staying there naturally, in optimising your own health. George has helped thousands of people to greater health and vitality naturally, and with his wealth of experience and connection with other healthcare professionals and brands, offers you comprehensive support for your health, whether you live in London or further afield.


I had an outbreak of psoriasis last year and saw George in the hope of reducing it. After a few months of acupuncture, and some suggested dietary changes, my skin has completely cleared up! I have continued to see George to help with some other health problems. George is highly knowledgeable, and provides a wonderful combination of professionalism and a human approach. I wholeheartedly recommend him.

Judith, Private Clinc

I have been working with George to improve my health and well-being. George’s treatments and recommendations focus on all aspects of life – and you as an individual – mental, physical, emotional, and how we relate with others. George has helped me become more resilient in the face of everyday stressors, manage anxiety and overcome C-PTSD. More importantly his advice comes with long-term benefits and impacts that are life-changing. I regularly recommend him to friends, family and colleagues, knowing that they will be in good hands.

Tania, Private Clinc

George is undoubtedly the most accurate healer I’ve encountered in my 20 years as an acupuncture patient. He has used nutrition, meditation, and exercise to treat me holistically for a number of maladies, ranging from anxiety to carpal tunnel syndrome to Bell’s Palsy. His precision in reading my pulse astounds me, particularly when my blood pressure is a little high or I’m having a rough day, and I always leave his London acupuncture clinic near me feeling reactivated. I strongly recommend George to everyone I know who has a health issue, and they’ve never looked back.

Kim, Home Visit



44 Ivanhoe Road, London SE5 8DJ

Acupuncture, a medical practice popularised in China for many centuries and now throughout the world, is all about restoring and sustaining balance and harmony – in modern times we refer to this as homeostasis; the self regulating, self balancing mechanism that sustains life. We can’t be too hot or too cold, have too much water or too little; functions must remain in balance despite changing circumstances.

Chinese medicine has survived and thrived for well over 3000 years because it has this balance in all areas of life as its central focus. ‘Side effects’ are a nice term for ‘new symptoms’, so avoid them where possible – or treat them.

George is a leading expert in Chinese pulse diagnosis and can diagnose a number of health conditions that may not show up on scans and machinery tests as they are designed for more critical stage diagnosis. George considers treating these things before they become critical is the most ethical and responsible method.

The insertion of fine needles into key points around the body that modulate nerve and blood flow stimulates the healing response in the body to reduce symptoms and improve wellness of body and mind. Pain is often relieved within seconds of the insertion of needles.

George uses traditional Chinese medicine with modern approaches to identify and help you upgrade your mindset, daily lifestyle and dietary habits for long term health in his London acupuncture clinic.



VIP Natural healthcare

Holistic health management
including at home acupuncture treatment,
meal planning and preparation,
fitness and wellness management.

Acupuncture for Instant Pain Relief

George employs an acupuncture technique that normally has an immediate impact on pain, as evidenced here in Dulwich.

By working with your nervous system, acupuncture can very quickly effect changes in your body as the needles immediately stimulate neural paths up to the brain and back in fractions of a second. But it is not good enough just to clear pain, you need to restore blood flow to the injured area. It does this too. Whilst analgesic medication (pain relief) numbs down the pain receptors in the body, acupuncture actually restores healthy blood flow and function to the area.

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